The territory of Cusio takes its name from the lake that extends in its lands as it was known in Roman times, today for all is called Lake Orta.

Traditionally considered one of the most romantic places in Italy, thanks to the beauty of its landscape ranging from the lake to the mountains, you can define the land of Cusio a picturesque area with several small villages with great historical past, that have inspired poets, writers, painters and art directors.

This land has enjoyed centuries of independence, which have enriched the villages of traditions and legends, and helped make enterprising inhabitants of this territory. In fact, many craft activities still present and is renowned tourist hospitality.
Homeland also ideal for a large number of sports, including winter sports thanks to the nearby mountain Mottarone that separates the territory of Cusio to the land of Maggiore.
A combination of history, tradition, nature and culture that makes the Cusio an environment of its own, a region, in the region, a pearl of Piedmont.